Eurus Mineral Consultants

Eurus Mineral Consultants (“EMC”) was formed in early 2002 by Martyn Hay and operates as a one-man company. EMC offers specialist milling and flotation consulting services to the mining industry world-wide. 

The company has developed and uses SUPASIM®, a proprietary flotation simulation program and an empirical mill sizing methodology and also maintains a large database of milling and flotation operations as well as associated laboratory and pilot test data to characterise ores and predict plant performance. 

To date SUPASIM® has been used to simulate and design nine operating float plants from laboratory data only. SUPASIM® has also been used to simulate and optimise over fifty other plants covering Platinum Group Metals, Base Metal Sulphides, Pyrite/Gold, Niobium, Industrial Minerals, Furnace Slag, Tailings and Cassiterite. 

EMC has also developed commercially available software, KinCalc®, which determines flotation kinetics from laboratory and pilot rate test data, graphs test data and results, produces summary tables and stores all data and kinetics in either Access or SQL. To upgrade functionality, KinCalc is currently being reprogrammed in Mathematica (

Work Conducted World-wide

Work Conducted World-wide


  • Scoping
  • Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility
  • Bankable Feasibility
  • Float circuit simulation and design
  • Float circuit optimisation
  • Mill sizing
  • Tailored training courses and mentoring

Some Company Data

From 2002 to May 2016,

  • 365 reports have been written for 41 clients – 27 local in South Africa and 14 overseas (Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Eritrea, DRC, Finland, Iran, Ivory Coast, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Zambia, Zimbabwe)
  • In total the reports contain 1,420,777 words. For the record, the one millionth word was written at 2.45pm on Friday 25th November 2011
  • A total of 30,394 hours have been worked (average of 2,133 hours per annum)
  • In today’s money value, in 2008 EMC surpassed the R1.0m mark in donations to education and charities in South Africa. To date, EMC has donated a total of R2.44m. See the Community page on this website for more information.